By now you have heard about the 119 guns that were found in Miami that were heading to Jamaica Story Here . I notice people are celebrating this as great work by the Jamaican authorities, which left me confused. What exactly should they be given credit for? answering the phone call they got from the Americans who made the discovery? Those guns would have made it through customs and on to the streets of Jamaica if they were not intercepted by the Yankees. Their “links” at customs would have ensured that. This is not the first shipment obviously and all the other big ones made it through……

smart people would have let the guns get delivered to the recipients in Jamaica

I can imagine when the Americans called their Jamaican counterparts they were thinking that they would have set up some sting and catch the people who were supposed to collect those 119 guns. They must not have heard about how we do things HAHA giddy-headed, frighten and love video light, that’s us. The first thing that came to mind was to cause a big scene and broadcast that the 119 guns have been found in Miami.

we could have caught the senders and the receivers on both ends

What do you think happened when the people who were supposed to collect the guns saw them in every newspaper, television and social media? they went into hiding naturally. I am not an expert, but I have enough sense to know it would be better to let the shipment come into Jamaica under surveillance, let them come and collect it. A matter of fact, I would have made them have the safest passage out of the wharf in history. We could even take it one step further and let them deliver the weapons as this would widen the net and capture as many people as possible.

they are just gonna replace the guns

This is a 9-day story, these criminals are just going to lay low for a little while. A couple small sprats are going to get arrested just to show the Jamaican people that the system is “working”. The real bigger heads that are shipping and funding this type of criminality will just go right back to doing what they are good at; not getting caught. If you think regular “badman” are buying and shipping these very expensive weapons into the country then you need to buy one of the unicorns I have selling 🙂

Remeber Protoje already told you how things work down here

police cancel operation, cause no real badman naw go station


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