More Information about 14 year Raven Wilson has come out and unfortunately, it is the worst possible scenario.

She was found on Sunday morning with her throat slashed and her body dumped in a garbage bag. The gruesome discovery was made in St Ann.

Raven Wilson was a student of Ocho Rios High School and was last seen on Friday morning when she left out for her usual trip to school. This would be the last time her family saw her alive.

The community is predictably shocked but as is often the case, it is very likely that the killer was from the said community and knew the little girl.

The slashing of the throat and dumping of Raven’s body has the hallmarks of the killer knowing the victim and having some personal grudge against her.

Random acts of violence are usually not as calculated like this.

Whatever the case may be, another female teenager has lost her life in gruesome circumstances.


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