Every time I make a post about the reckless and careless people that some of our children are cursed to call’parents’, people run to the inbox with the cow bawling. Trying to make me feel pity for these ‘parents’ but that day will come when snow falls in Jamaica. A 3-day-old newborn baby was found in the Old Harbour KFC last Saturday.

The baby was wrapped up neatly and left in the bathroom of the KFC. Confused patrons alerted the Police and the child was taken away and is now in the care of the state where he/she will be put up for adoption. This is child abuse and a brazen act of cruelty.

but but but but but poverty

See, I know what some people are going to come with already. “It’s because people poor”, that is the get out of jail free card in Jamaica. You do not have to be responsible for your actions and what they lead to, just claim poverty and all is forgotten. Not on Kijanawaasi.

A pack of boots(condoms) cost about Ja $100, less than a big deal from the same KFC the child was left in. In 2018, there are numerous ways that can prevent pregnancy so the days when people got a pass for having kids they cannot afford is over. You apologists are partially responsible for this as well, for years you jumped down the throat who dares to ask people to be more responsible with something as serious as childbirth.

the child could have been given up for adoption the right way

Even if we play the extreme poverty game as an excuse, why wasn’t the child given up for adoption the right way? there are many families who adopt children in Jamaica. Some people simply cannot reproduce naturally and turn to adoption to get a child in their lives. This child could have been given up that way so there is no excuse for leaving the baby in a KFC bathroom like some kind of used tampon.

For the usual people in my inbox who tell me that I should “pray for people”, please do not misunderstand me. I have nothing against prayer, I am just not wasting it on people like this. You can pray for them though, sure they will appreciate it.

In the meantime ask yourself this question, which God-fearing country(since Jamaica is allegedly one) will people see a female with a pregnant belly and then all of a sudden, BOOM no baby. Where are the alarm bells, where are the questions and where are the calls to the Police? they are missing like taxpayers money!

Observer Story Here


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