Time for the world to accept it, Adrien Broner is not an elite boxer. Every time he has come up against top boxers he has taken an L. That fight with Mikey Garcia exposed him massively, the guy fights like he is scared. Let’s get this straight, AB is no Floyd Mayweather. He cannot do the block and counter punch as well as Floyd. There is just a clear gap in talent between them and he really should try to find his own boxing style.

Adrien Broner is not an elite boxer

Mikey Garcia deserves all the credit, he did exactly what he said he would do. That is all you can expect from a top boxer and he deserves his undefeated champion status. Unlike Adrien Broner, he hasn’t fought a bunch of hand picked bums! It’s a shame because over here we want to see Broner win. He comes from a difficult background and it’s always a beautiful thing to see a young black man make it in America. We can’t shelter him anymore though, at least before he delivered in the ring, now he is just a punching bag with a big mouth. If you talk tough and win then history remembers you differently than if you run your mouth and then get schooled over and over again.

Adrien Broner needs to take his craft seriously, stop acting like a child and man the hell up. If not he runs the risk as being remembered as that guy with a big mouth and a soft pair of hands. People around him have tried to mentor him but he seems to be that hard headed kinda guy that eventually people just leave him alone. I bet he wishes he took that $40 million deal Jay Z out on the table couple years ago. He is going to be lucky to make a million in the future at this rate.

When all is said and done, we can only hope that he gets it together and he can continue to feed his family, but all that elite fighter talk has to end. The guy is a B level fighter on his best day and should never be included in the conversation with actual great boxers.


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