The “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin is dead. She passed away in Detroit after a long and hard battle with Pancreatic Cancer, she was 76 years old.

The sad news comes just three days after it was announced that she was admitted to the hospital in very serious condition.

At her age, that is usually a very bad sign. Not much information was released but her fans were already bracing themselves for the worst news and it came today.

Queen of Soul

In a time when the title Queen is overused and often misplaced, Aretha Franklin was true music royalty. Her career lasted for over 50 years and her songs are immortal.

She was the first female ever to be inducted in the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Over the course of her career, she has earned over 88 Billboard hits, a record that stood for decades.

The Queen also collected a staggering 18 Grammy awards and went on an eight straight run of best RNB performance.

She is often apart of many debates about who is the best vocalists ever. She is often mentioned alongside other greats such as Whitney Houston and Nina Simone.

There has been an outpour in social media from every sector of society, not just the entertainment fraternity.

Ultimately, she will not be remembered for her struggle with Pancreatic Cancer but instead her great life story and the odds she overcame to become one of the greatest musician (male or female) ever.


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