General Manager of Alliance Investment, Arnie Francis has been killed outside his home in a brazen gun attack.

Police report that on Thursday night(09/08/2018), Arnie Francis was about to enter his home with a female companion.

As he was about to enter his gates, he was surprised by a lone gunman who opened fire on both Francis and the female he was travelling with.

Mr Francis was hit several times and the female was shot in the leg. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital. The female survived.

The attack continues a trend of very senior businessmen being killed in the corporate area.

The manner in which the killing occurred suggests it was a targeted hit and not a random act of violence.

The gunman did not come to rob Mr Francis, he wanted to take his life.

The incident occurred in the Mona area which is normally peaceful and quiet but the ugly face of crime has no borders or limits.

Brandon Murray was killed at the Mayfair Hotel in the middle of the city and Simone Campbell was killed in a section of Red Hills that is so quiet you can hear the lizards walking through the leaves on the ground.

The death of Arnie Francis has inevitably shocked a lot of his peers, mostly those in the finance industry.

He held a very senior role at a prominent company and was well known and connected.

The Police are conducting their investigations and we can only hope that this crime does not join the long list of unsolved murders that happen in Jamaica.


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