Remember when you were young and played sports and somebody wold score a spectacular goal and could never repeat it? we call that ‘buck ups’.

August Town has pulled off one of the greatest buck ups in modern time.

On New Years Day 2019, three people were killed in the area.

Dead is 34-year-old Omar Johnson of Peyton Place, he is the first Jamaican to die this year.

There were another two bodies found later that day to kick start another bloody year.

It seems criminals from the area are desperate to get rid of the good reputation they earned in 2016.

After going an entire year without any murders, the area is back to it old ways.

Last year there were a string of murders in the area and the residents were back to square one, after thinking they had made real change.

Of course, on this site our realism is often mistaken for Pessimism. You can continue to live in fairy tale land but we choose to take thing for what they are and not what we want them to be.

August Town never had a real crime plan. facts.

If a bunch of gunmen go for a period of time without shooting someone it is celebrated as a victory.

How? all that means is that they have the power to decide when and how they want to kill.

A real victory would be the guns out of their hands and the criminals either dead or behind bars.

If a rapists stops raping for a month, does that mean we have won the war against them? well in Jamaica, apparently that’s how it works.

Gunmen get to decide when they want to fight and when they want to make peace. The Government and security forces then turn up with the media and act like they achieved something.

August Town sums this up perfectly.

A similar situation happened in Mountain View where gangs decided to give their guns a rest.

Out of nowhere the cops were there with journalists acting like this is a result of their work.

One dispute later and guns were blazing again.

August Town’s murder free 2016 was a buck ups, it wasn’t the result of any Police or Politician work.

And if it was due to their work, tell them DWEET AGAIN.


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