Well, well well! Seems Barrack Obama has hit the lottery much sooner than I thought. See here is the backstory; when Obama was elected president, I made it clear he was not the second coming of some great holy man like he was being made out to be. He was just there to tell people what they want to hear, leave and then make millions giving speeches to the same people he claimed to be fighting against.

He was just there to tell people what they want to hear, leave and then make millions giving speeches

Of course, I was scorned and called all sorts of names. Surely Barrack Theresa aka Barrack Christ would not end up like just about every other Major world leader, especially American. I mean he dedicates his life to fighting the ‘evil’ Wall Street boogeymen right? HAHA, it’s a fact that the guy received huge funding from Goldman Sachs to run his campaigns and other fat cat institutions. Who cares about facts though? The world runs on belief. Now Bloomberg is reporting that he is being paid $400,000 for a speech, yup FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND Article Here

you got tricked again

It amazes me how people on the left think and reason, see a business owner who takes great risks and starts a business and makes $400,000 is a social pariah and is the root of all the world’s problems but when one of their saviors like Hillary or Barrack Obama gets paid to talk, not build anything, cure anything, design anything, supply anything, just talk then they have no problem. When these fraud celebrities who get paid $20 million for a movie turn up to their conferences they accept them with open arms. Of course, the right-leaning entrepreneur who made $20 million from a business that employs hundreds, maybe thousands of people must be named and shamed. This is why so many billionaires claim they are left wing democrats because they see that just telling people they lean to the left makes them get less heat. They use the free market to get rich and then demonize it so they can get popular support.

At the end of the day, I can’t get mad at Obama, it’s not his fault people are ignorant sheep who idolize mortals. Take that money Barry and laugh all the way to the bank, as for you delusional people who blindly support these greedy puppets on the left and right, I wish you the best. What’s that you say? If only Bernie won, HAHA! yea he is different. Wake up and smell the coffee America………………..


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