There has always been the big debate over which Caribbean Island is the “best”. Countries are like anything else in life, at the end of the day it all boils down to opinion and preference. The real beauty of the West Indies is its diversity of people and cultures, so there is definitely at least island that can capture your heart.

The region has always been magical, maybe that is one of the reason there was such a great scramble from the former Colonial powers to claim at least one of the Islands. If you visit the West Indies, you will notice that all of Europe’s major languages are spoken there. Jamaica speaks English, Cuba and The Dominican Republic speaks Spanish, Curacao speaks French etc. These countries did not buy a nationwide Rosetta Stone program and try to learn these languages!

The Colonisers might have left(on paper) but the beauty remains. It is almost impossible to go wrong on any Island, in the end, it comes to budget and what exactly you cherish most. Are you a party animal? Trinidad & Tobago during Carnival is a must, If you want great Culture and Music then you will enjoy any Island but Jamaica really stands out for this. With the Reggae/Dancehall music scene you are sure to have a memorable trip to tell your family and friends back home about. The only real way to know which Island is your home away from home is to visit them one by one!


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