Mandela Highway Accident
Mandela Highway Accident

If a gunman doesn’t get you a careless driver probably will. As a Jamaican, you spend a lot of time trying to look over your shoulder for death as it always around the corner. Marlene James, a resident of Portmore lost her life in horrific circumstances on Sunday.

She was travelling in a Toyota Corolla car when the driver decided to attempt the kind of reckless and dangerous driving we see every single day on our roads.

The driver tried to overtake an entire line of traffic and it did not go quite as planned. They ended up crashing into the back of a garbage truck and triggered off a chain of events that resulted in the loss of life and property.

Too many superheroes on our roads

The car Marlene James was travelling in bounced off the garbage truck and collided with two other vehicles. the three vehicles are now flying across the road and crash into two other cars.

A total of six vehicles end up being wrecked. Marlene James was thrown from the vehicle and was killed instantly.

The careless action of one person is all it takes to transform a quiet Sunday afternoon into a nightmare.

As usual, the driver who caused the accident survived. Somehow the person who cause these kinds of accidents always lives to fight another day.

Their luck ran out

Nobody goes a single day without seeing this type of careless driving on our streets. The Mandela highway is now getting fixed so the smooth roads encourage the Formula 1 drivers we have to test out their cars and “skills”.

The cars that attempt these overtaking stunts are normally small and underpowered. When they overtake a line of traffic, it takes a long time to pass the other cars and get to the front.

This makes it more likely that they will either collide head-on with incoming cars or crash into the cars they are trying to overtake as they panic and try to fit back in line.

This will not be the first or last pile up in Mandela Highway


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