As you and anyone on social media would have seen, DJ Khaled is currently in Jamaica having a blast.

He has been posting daily from the luxurious Villa he is staying at in Ocho Rios. 

The Mogul has been posting about his ‘yawdman’ experiences and is not shy to show off that he knows a thing or two about the Jamaican culture. 

Khaled and Buju Banton in Jamaica

He has already met with Buju Banton and Sizzla at their homes. He seems to be rather close to them and have a personal friendship with them.

His recent post online showed off a pair of Air Jordans that are in the colours of the Jamaican flag. This was followed by a Rasta inspired khaki suit.

The custom Jordans are not for sale on store shelves, so it is likely that Khaled had them made for him as he is a brand ambassador for Brand Jordan.


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