This is the definition of irony. A children’s safety home burned to the ground and in the process two of them died. The tragedy happened at the “Walker’s Place of Safety”, which is a state-run institution for children who come from troubled backgrounds. A lot of these kids are either abandoned or come from extremely poor backgrounds and are taken into these homes to help them.

There were 34 other children in the home but they escaped with minor injuries thankfully. The cause of the fire is unknown at the moment and to be fair does it even matter? it’s no secret that those children “safety homes” are often in poor condition. The only time people even remember them is when a tragedy happens, that is the sad truth. It is hardly even mentioned by politicians, just another group of children failed by their parents first and the system second.

land of the forgotten children

Every country has these sort of care homes for kids, but they are often orphanages. That means their parents are dead but in Jamrock, most of these kids parents are alive and well. They just don’t care about them, they push them out and then pass them on to society to look after. These children are often the ones that you see at the stoplights wiping car glass or begging. They didn’t ask to be like that, they were dealt a cold hand by people who continue to act like they have no control over their bodies and what comes out of it.

“Many more will have to suffer, many more will have to die, don’t ask me why” the famous words of Bob Marley that also applies the children of this nation. We need to stop treating people who bring children into these conditions like victims and start holding them accountable, who vex?

Are we going to start giving the next generation a chance to succeed or we are going to worry about hurting people’s feelings? Care homes and charity are like painkillers, all they do is dull the symptoms and offer temporary relief. The illness needs to be cured completely because the pain killers are wearing off now!

Full story and sad story from one of the parents can be found on The Observer


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