Remember when old people told you that if you stay away from badness you won’t get in “Bangarang”? that isn’t true, at least not anymore. 16 year old Cornwall College student Mark Williams was killed as he left bible study and was about to be picked up by his stepfather. The incident happened in St James yesterday (January 9th, 2018) around 9:30 PM.

The Observer reports that the teen was about to be picked up by his stepfather when they were attacked by gunmen. The stepfather who is a policeman exchanged gunshots with his attackers but unfortunately after they escaped, Mark Williams was discovered suffering from gunshot wounds. He later died at the hospital that evening.

The boy’s stepfather was involved in a case where an alleged gunman from Montego Bay was shot and injured, so it is fair to say this was some sort of reprisal shooting. It does appear that the stepfather was the target though and not the innocent boy who ended up losing his life. We can only imagine the trauma his schoolmates and family are going through right now. Look out for more updates on this case….



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