Sometimes it takes a great tragedy to expose a society for what it is truly is under the surface. The recent suicide of 13-year-old Davion Johnson has sent shockwaves throughout the country, actually, who are we kidding. It was only a matter of time, the only surprising thing is it doesn’t happen more often.

everybody claims to be great parents

The level of delusion in Jamaica is on a whole different level! Everyone is a great parent, who did a tremendous job raising their children apparently. Ask anyone and they will tell you how amazing they are, even though the jail houses and morgues are packed with their offsprings! Let me guess, you have nothing to do with that right? you did your job well and the child just “wuckliss”.

Funny how parents don’t use that logic when the child grows up to be successful. See when a child ends up becoming a criminal, parents wash their hands and claim they have nothing to do with it. If that child becomes successful on the other hand, here they come accepting all the credit.

Jamaican boys are forced to be hyper-masculine, so they never discuss any pain they are going through

If Davion Johnson had a good relationship with his parents, he would have told them about the teasing at school and they would have counselled him. Alot of waste parents, if their child tells them that they are being bullied, they respond “you a must eediot fi a make dem bad you up”. They keep their emotions bottled up and when it spills over, they either kill someone or in this case, themselves. Why was he telling this to his phone camera? because his family would not listen that’s why!

in Jamaica having step parents is as normal as a bird flying

Davion Johnson was with his mother and stepfather, as is the norm in Jamaica. He used his stepfather’s gun to shoot himself!You can bet your last dollar that stepfather will be saying he should not be held responsible for any of this. The FLA makes it clear that license firearm holders should store their weapons securely away from children, so he must be punished in some way for this. At the least, that gun must be taken away from him indefinitely.

word is not just wind

Jamaicans are vicious with the words that come out of our mouths. Davion Johnson called out his aunt Joy and I hope she has many sleepless nights because of it. “you wukliss like your puppa”, “your head tough and dry”, “you naw grow up come turn nuttin”, “you black and ugly” are just a few of the gems you can hear being told to children all over the island.

Funny thing is if you tell the parents that they should not say that, they tell you how their parents said it to them and they turned out ok. Ok? if being a full-time dunce is ok then I guess so, because that’s what alot of these people breeding children are, dunce and ignorant. If they really want to get them mad, tell them their terrorist child is a troublemaker and watch how they go and fight off the teacher at the school, who tried to discipline their out of control child.

What is even more unbelievable is that he tried to kill himself already. Let’s give his family the benefit of the doubt and say they got caught off guard the first time. The boy ended up back in the same mental space to try it again? they all have his blood on their hands. Alot of these women pay more attention to their man than their children, facts! They worry more about losing a man than losing their child. Go ahead and tell me that I am wrong.

No doubt, people will get mad at this article. We all know delusional people and the truth are like Superman and kryptonite. They will forget about this case in a couple days and go right back to verbally abusing their children. This is how things work on the rock, a place where everyone loves Jesus(allegedly) but no one practices anything what he preaches. The bible says in Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” Bible Verse

Davion Johnson has proven that here. Go ahead Jamaica, cry and act like you are shocked. Just know that there is blood on the hands of this nation for the way we have raised our youth for not just this generation but the previous ones as well. Look out for the big funeral and the same people who drove him to suicide to be outdoing each other, for who can weep the most. R.I.P Davion Johnson


  1. Every word is true because its a eye opener for me more father need to get involve sometimes yhe councillors identified the problem and give advice but there no follow up

  2. agree..Clear sign that this child was calling out for help..After the video ..stepfather you knew you had a child in the house with suicidal thoughts and you didn’t protect the gun better than that?..


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