The quest to find a host for the Profile show is now complete. The show that we are used to seeing with Ian Boyne’s face on Sunday evenings will commence on April 1st with a new Fae Ellington in the famous seat.

Fae Ellington might be new but she is no spring chicken in media. She has over 40 years experience and is well known and respected by the Jamaican people. The problem she will have to overcome will not be due to her ability or credibility.

When you have to replace a long-standing favourite, sometimes people brand you a failure before you even start. People are so used to Ian Boyne and his style that they might rebel against Fae Ellington. This happens when you have to step into a role occupied by a popular predecessor. A lot of people will tune in just so they can compare the two.

Every mistake, every small detail will be picked upon. Fae Ellington is a veteran so she must expect this and not allow the burden to weigh her down. The worst thing she can do is try to be another Ian Boyne. She has to be fae Ellington and wait until the people accept her as the new host. Human beings are always hesitant to change, even if that change is due to death.

That is because we get used to someone or something and we feel secure with them. You know what you are going to get and this is what makes people happiest; security. Profile fans must understand that Fae Ellington is not here to replace Ian Boyne as that is impossible. She is here to set her own mark and we must support her and not destroy her with comparisons.

Good luck Miss Ellington, this is a big seat you are stepping into!


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