Criminals are using these ‘Yeng Yeng’ bikes to carry out robberies, especially against women. This has been happening for quite some time but has become even more prevalent lately. The attacks are usually carried out by two men with the passenger on the back of the bike acting as the snatcher.

The Observer just released a story from the Police warning motorists about the threat. They are a bit late but better late than never. The senior cops claim they are “unaware” of these bike robberies, but people should remain “vigilant”. How can they not know about this? do they not have ears in the streets?

single females are the main target

It’s no surprise that most petty criminals are cowards. They target the most vulnerable people who are least likely to defend themselves. This is why single females are the main victims of these ‘Yeng Yeng’ robbers. They pull up on their victims quickly, the passenger grabs the bag/purse and then speed off never to be seen again.

A lot of these incidents are not reported to the Police, mainly because a lot of victims think “what’s the point? nothing is going to come out of it anyway”. People can’t be bothered with the paperwork and reporting just to see nobody gets arrested. Despite the fact that this is often the case, I would recommend people who have been victims of these robberies or even escape after an attempted robbery to still report it.

It helps the Police to get a better picture of just how serious and prevalent these ‘Yeng Yeng’ robberies are. If they see it is happening more and more then they will have to start acting, at least that’s the theory. This is what happens when you have such low conviction rates in Jamaica, people just ‘kiss their teeth’ and don’t bother dealing with the Police. It is not all the Police’s fault though as they have to rely heavily on eyewitness testimony, which comes with its own set of problems.

A lot of honest youths ride Yeng Yeng too

These criminals have made the ‘Yeng Yeng’ a symbol of crime and this is unfair to the many law-abiding people who ride them. They help provide employment for a lot of youths who are now doing delivery work all over the corporate area. Unfortunately, the good end up suffering for the bad sometimes.

Even in the Simone Collymore murder video, you could see that is was two ‘Yeng Yeng’ bikes that the murderers were travelling on as they took that woman’s life like it wasn’t worth anything Story Here. Of course, men are robbed too but the main targets of these criminals are women.


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