grange hill wanted men
grange hill wanted men

The police have released the names of five men who are wanted for the killing of seven people, including a two-year-old in Westmoreland on Tuesday.

The wanted men are;

* Isaiah Perry, otherwise called ‘Matthew Perry’ or ‘Cat’ of Kings Valley, Grange Hill

* Richard Hamilton otherwise called ‘Brutus’ or ‘Mad Move’, 23-year-old, of Paul Island district, Grange Hill, Westmoreland.

* Haldane Hamilton otherwise called ‘Fishy’ of Paul Island district, Grange Hill

* Jeffery Ramdass otherwise called ‘Boogie’ 30-years-old, of Paul Island district, Grange Hill Westmoreland

* Burton Shearer otherwise called ‘Bap’, 49-year-old of Church Lincoln district, Grange Hill, Westmoreland

The lawmen are appealing to anyone with information that can lead to their arrest of these wanted men to get in touch with them.


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