The season-opening game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics took a turn for the worse as Gordon Hayward broke his leg. The Celtics were leading 12-9 when the accident occurred and had both players and fans holding their heads in disbelief. These are 7 feet tall guys, but when Gordon Hayward breaks his leg, you can see them falling to their knees and cringing like traumatised school kids.

This sort of thing does not happen often and there is no real way to prepare for it. The game went on afterwards and the Cavs managed to pull away from the Celtics on a number of occasions, often building up 12, 14 points lead. It says alot about the strength of the Celtics, as they managed to come back to within 3 points by the end of the game. details of the game can be found here Game Details

Losing Gordon Hayward so early must have changed up their whole team plans. The Celtic fans have alot to be optimistic about this season, judging by the performance of their team last night. Kyrie Irving and the gang managed to rally well, considering they were losing 54-38 at halftime.

The fact that Gordan Hayward breaks his leg at this point in the season will, however, be a real test for the Celtics. He is an important member of that team, but they are still a well-rounded outfit without him. This will now give another player the chance to step up and earn their salary and respect of their teammates. Sometimes it takes a tragedy for others to rise to the top and show what they are made of.

All we can do is wish Gordon Hayward a speedy recovery. Hopefully, he comes back and can carry on with his career as we have seen too many guys end up on the scrap heap after injury. It would be a real loss, not just to the Celtics but the NBA as a whole.


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