Oh, so this is where we are now? Yesterday(26/01/2018) a group of gunmen were involved in a shootout with the Police and in their attempt to escape jumped the wall that “guards” St Jago High School. The famous high school is located in the troubled Rivoli community, which makes it students prone to being caught in the crossfire.

The incident occurred around 10 AM while students were settled into their daily routine. Suddenly they could hear gunshots, which immediately caught the attention of the students and teachers. The worst was yet to come as they could then see armed men jumping over the wall and running through their school. That would be enough to give a lot of adults heart attacks, can you image school children?

The school wall is too low and the ministry has been told this many times

As usual in Jamaica, land of the reactive somebody has to die before action can be taken. The wall that surrounds to school is too low, even a one-legged dog can jump over it. If the school was located in a quiet neighbourhood then I could see why they don’t prioritise it but this is Rivoli we are talking about. A matter of fact, every school in Spanish Town needs to have prison-style walls surrounding them to keep out these criminals.

All over the country, there are school children that get robbed because criminals just jump the walls and walk on to the compound. The only thing that happens is Police turn up, take statements and then somebody gets robbed the next day. Some of these schools need to do more as well because they find money to put on all kind of nonsense events but cannot add some block and cement to protect their students.

now children have a real reason to miss school

Remember how children use to fake being sick to avoid going school? now when they say I am scared for my life, it is actually true. This is what we have come to, an underachieving nation that cannot even protect its future generations. Fact is this is a 3-day story, this incident will soon be forgotten and the students of St Jago and other schools across the country will be left HOPING they just learn in peace.


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