I was just as shocked as anyone else when Donald Trump won an election campaign that was on a plate served with a glass of wine for Hillary Clinton. There was just no way she could lose, I mean she was up against a modern-day egomaniac, who seemed hell-bent on saying the craziest things that came to his mind. He was an ALLEGED racist, sexist, fascist. How on earth could Hillary lose to him? I mean Hillary was a terrible option, to begin with, but surely she could beat Trump! Nope, she took one of the worst Ls in American politics we have ever seen.

she took one of the worst Ls in American politics we have ever seen

Now we have this whole Russia hacking “scandal”. At first, it was interesting but now it’s just boring, the guy won the election fair and square. Hillary would not have won either way and to act otherwise is disingenuous. Democracy has turned into a farce where grown adults start acting like children because they didn’t get what and who they wanted. Just shut up and vote in the next election, you are not under oppression, you are not under a dictatorship and quite frankly the rest of the world is tired of your crying. Grow up and shut up.


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