Companies like Glock, Smith&Wesson, Heckler and Koch invest billions to build guns, Jamaican criminals can build them for less than a pair of shoes. These homemade shotguns that are all over Jamaica highlight the best and worst of Jamaican creativity. Tell a man to find a creative law-abiding way to earn a living and he will come up with every excuse in the book. It just cannot be done! But let that same man want to “mash illegal works” and he transforms into a world-class engineer.

If he has to get a job or skill, the first obstacle he faces he gives up. But when he wants a gun, suddenly persistence is the key. When he wants to go rob or kill somebody, he somehow gathers all the tools he can find and make his own firearm. Improvisation, resourcefulness, skill and ingenuity suddenly starts to flow through his veins. He will overcome every obstacle until he has his homemade shotgun completed and ready to kill.

Jamaica would be the manufacturing king of the world if this talent was used for positive things

Mr gunman/gunwoman, you’re wasting your time and talent with homemade shotguns. You are only going to end up in prison or an early grave with ones of those. You can make your name globally recognised like Samsung or Ford if you put that same drive you have for badness into something legitimate.

Most people cannot put together an IKEA shelf, even if you give them step by step manual and you are out here making guns out of staplers and pipe iron. I don’t want to hear any excuses about why you can’t do something positive with your talent. The same way you overcame all the challenges you faced with making your homemade shotgun, it’s the same way you must overcome all the odds people face in the legal economy. Of course, you can choose to keep living the criminal life but I can assure the jailhouse and dead house is not closing anytime soon……………….


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