Lebron James is an all time great. In almost every statistic outside of rings, he beats Kobe Bryant. Lebron is bigger, stronger and more all round talented than Kobe Bryant as well. Despite all This, I would still take Kobe over Lebron as some things just can’t be quantified.

some things just can’t be quantified

Great champions are remembered for more than winning, they are also remembered for how they act when their back is against the wall and the team and fans are depending on them to deliver the goods. If it wasn’t for Ray Allen, LeBron’s entire legacy would be different and it is hard to forget that. Don’t get me wrong, all great players need help, but the way Lebron shrunk in that game is a stain on his legacy.

When things are tough, players like Kobe Bryant get excited like it’s their birthday. They hope and pray for the ball to fall in their hand, so they can try the spectacular and close out the game in style. That is something that cannot be taught in the gym or summer school. Great champions like Michael Jordan also had that mentality and it played a huge role in how they are thought of, long after they retire. Stuffing the stats sheet is one thing but the moments that we forever remember is when great players step up and decide a game with a moment of magic and killer instincts. Ask the English football fans about ‘that goal’ Maradona scored against them………..


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