The highly decorated and respected journalist Ian Boyne is currently hospitalised after suffering a heart attack. He is currently in a medically induced coma, which is a small blessing. Unlike an involuntary coma, a medically induced coma is more controlled and is reversible, unlike a regular coma where you end up waiting and hoping for the best. They are done to help protect the brain and reduce damage to the bodies “hard drive” so to speak. Information about Medical Induced Coma

Ian Boyne has been on TV since “Wappy kill Phillip”. His programme “Profile” just celebrated 30 years of being on air, a real achievement by anyone’s standards. His interviews have gone on to become some of the most thought-provoking and talked about in the country and region. He also hosted the controversial “Religious Hardtalk” show, which is always a conversation starter in any social setting.

one of the few journalists that think outside the box

Let’s be honest here, most journalists in Jamaica come across as robots. It’s like they all learned from the same textbook and just repeat what they read in it. Very rarely do they have that X-factor that leaves an impact on you after you listen to them. Everyone is afraid of stepping out of line and upsetting the “system”. Ian Boyne was not afraid to ask questions, if you want vex well that’s your problem.

one of the few respected journalists

How many investigative journalists do you know in Jamaica? not just in title but in practice. People who challenge the stories they are given and dig deep into cases to find the truth. I can’t think of any, even when perfect opportunities come up, they just don’t deliver. Of course, part of the reason is fear. After all, digging up stories on the right or wrong person could make you a target, but isn’t that what journalists do? They are supposed to be risk takers and truth seekers.

Seems people are more concerned with being invited to the next function so they can knock wine glass with the same criminals they are supposed to be reporting on. Anyway, let me get back on point. Ian Boyne needs your prayers if you are a praying person and believe in it. You probably don’t agree with him on alot of things but at least the man started the conversation. Get well soon big man.



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