a confrontation between a man in a suit and security personnel from King Alarm resulted in one man getting shot.

The man tried to disarm the individual by attacking him from behind. It is not known if this man also works for King Alarm but his actions seem rather foolish.

He tried to take a gun from the man who seems to be a licensed firearm holder, after a brief struggle he was shot in the neck/throat region.

The behaviour of the King Alarm personnel should also be called into question as they were seen stomping on the man’s head and outright abusing him.

They already outnumbered the man and he was already on the ground. They proceeded to punch and kick the man in a bizarre chain of events.

One female agent, in particular, was extremely careless with her firearm. This cannot be the way King Alarm trains their staff and if it is, they need to go back to the drawing board.

Even the Police do not have the right to stomp on people’s heads as they are on the ground. These are the same incidents we condemn white police officers in America for doing to Black man but for some reason, Jamaican security personnel think they are immune to the law.

The innocence or guilt of the man does not justify the tactics they were employing. He was not an immediate threat initially and the man in green who thought he was Superman learned a very harsh lesson today.

This is not the movies, in real life, it is foolish to try and enter a wrestling match with an armed individual. No matter how much support you have, it is asking for trouble.

Mr Vegas was there running his mouth, as usual, somehow he has transformed from a deejay to a running commentator.

We will update this as we get more information.


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