Beyonce and Jay Z are currently in Jamaica. They are in Kingston and that means the purpose is work and not a vacation. The couple has been to the islands many times before, sometimes nobody even knows they are here.

they are big fans of Jamaica

When the couple visits the island, they usually stay on the north coast or west end of the Island. These are the areas that have the natural beauty and are better suited for vacations. Kingston is the cultural capital of Jamaica and it is home to the main music scene.

They are likely here shooting a video of some sorts for their upcoming OTR2 tour. Be on the lookout for the visuals and remember where you were warned of them first **wink wink**. Expect a raw dancehall type video, equipped with local dancers and hardcore dancehall culture.

jayz and beyonce in Jamaica

The power couple was seen riding around on a bike in Kingston, Jamaica. This is not a surprise as they are not known to be the dainty type. They are frequently spotted driving drop tops and riding in the back of trucks. Jamaica is the perfect place for them to let their hair down and enjoy the vibe.

the couple fixed their marriage and got even richer

When the video of JayZ and Solange fighting came out, followed by the cheating rumours there were calls for Beyonce to divorce “Hov”. The funny thing is the people who were saying she should divorce get much worse than cheating from their partner and they stick around.

jayz Jamaica

Now JayZ is in Jamaica, he can learn a few tricks about how to cheat better as Jamaican men are experts HAHA. I’m joking, kinda. Let’s see what the Carters have in store for us with this visit and the project they have flown in to work on.


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