Older Jamaicans use to say woman use stew peas and tie their boyfriends. It seems, KFC Jamaica has learned the tie man formula and has tied the entire nation. Anyone who travels abroad knows there is something different about the KFC in Jamaica. It is hard to quite finger what they changed, but it is so different that apparently, people send KFC abroad to their families abroad.

kfc is as in demand as gasoline

In economics, there is something called the price elasticity of demand. An elastic good is one that doesn’t have a change in demand even if the price changes. Normally these goods tend to be essential items like rice, sugar, gasoline etc. Even if the price of gas goes up, people still go to the gas station because they need gas for their cars.

KFC Jamaica has somehow managed to turn fast food into an inelastic good. No matter how much they raise their prices, people keep flocking to their stores like a crack head who needs a fix. In most developed countries, KFC is very cheap, you can get sandwiches for under $1 US. If you want to go large it costs cents, not dollars. In Jamaica, KFC is actually relatively expensive, especially when you consider the average salary of a Jamaican worker.

kfc drive-through blocks traffic like a stage show

This does not deter anyone, if you are driving down the road and you see a traffic jam, it’s probably not an accident but the entrance to a KFC drive-through ram packed with cars and blocking the road. Ask a Jamaican to stand in line for an important piece of document at the tax office for 20 minutes, they will moan all day. That same person will happily wait 45 minutes for a zinger and two biscuits from KFC Jamaica.

The addiction is not restricted to age, religion or socio-economic status either. Rich, poor, bald head, rastaman, PNP and Labourite, they all love it the same. Recently Jamaicans petitioned KFC to lower their price on the Zinger meal, what next? a violent revolution if they stopped offering free refills.

when chicken good, chicken good

In dancehall music, the ladies say “when gal good, gal good” and now clearly “when chicken good, chicken good”. If you want your girlfriend/wife/matey to get mad at you, let her ask you to get KFC for her and you come home and forget. Celibacy shall be your punishment and too late shall be your cry. Don’t even mention the kids, they will forget all the lunch money and school supplies you bought them and remember that night daddy said he would buy KFC and didn’t.

All fun and games aside, KFC Jamaica needs to tell us if its the “tie” formula that makes the chicken tastes so good and different from other countries. Alot of people, especially men are on the verge of bankruptcy now, all because of this chicken. To make things worse, people love KFC so much that if they even hear that a new company wants to compete in the fry chicken segment, they instantly “have up” the new brand. Will this obsession last forever? let’s see…………………



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