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Christmas 2018 turned out to be the last one for Germaine Graham aka ‘Dada’.

He was found in the Duncan’s Pen, St Catherine area with a bullet wound to his head and his lifeless body wrapped in tarpaulin.

At the time of his death, ‘Dada’ was the most wanted man in St Catherine. He is accused of carrying out several murders, including the murder of his ex-girlfriend.

He also allegedly shot his own brother so you can imagine the type of character the Police were up against.

They never got the chance to arrest him as residents and investigators theorise that the killing was actually done by his fellow gang members.

Currently there is a massive power struggle going on amongst members of the Klansman gang and there is no limit to who they will kill, including their own friends.

jamaican police
JCF members patrolling

Members of the various Spanish Town Police units considered ‘Dada’ to be extremely dangerous due to his lack of hesitation to use violence to settle his problems.

The saying “live by the gun, die by the gun” turned out to be very true for ‘Dada’ as he was taken from this earth the same way he cause others to leave it.


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