well, what do we have here? Libyan slave trade you say? I wonder how this could have happened! Let’s go back in time, remember a guy name Muammar Gaddafi? he was the dictator who ruled Libya from 1969-2011. He was bombed into submission and chased into hiding by that vile president name Donald Trump and h… oh wait, Donald Trump wasn’t in power in 2011. Let me go check to see who was actually the leader of the “freedom” coalition that helped tot rid of him………….

for some people obama is a saint

Oh, that’s right Barrack “can’t do no wrong” Obama, aka Barrack Gandhi. Now do not be confused, Gaddafi was no saint, far from it. The man was a dictator who held on to power until it was taken from him, as dictators usually do. The fact remains, Libya was better off under Gaddafi’s rule as now it has turned into a lawless nation that has reversed the pages of time and we are seeing headlines of wide-scale human trafficking aka the Libyan Slave Trade.

your social media outrage is a bit late

This trading of black Africans in Libya is not new, those of us who do not rely on celebrity reposts to get news know that this has been happening since the bombings started in 2011. This sort of barbarism could not happen under Gaddafi’s rule, at least not large scale like this. Again I stress, this is not to sing his praises but the reality is the flu is better than Cancer. Gaddafi was a long, annoying flu, these savages that have taken over the country of Libya are like breast cancer.

libya was better off under Gaddafi

Let’s take a look at Libya before Barrack Obama and his friends from Europe helped the “rebels” to overthrow him.

* Gaddafi used the oil money to give the citizens to cover the costs of healthcare and education. Libya was one of the best-educated countries in Africa.

* Libya was a debt-free country, Libya wasn’t like most of our countries that is swimming in so much debt that not even our great-grandchildren will not be able to pay it off. No doubt, the IMF had a nice package lined up for Libya to help them “recover”.

* There was far more stability under Gaddafi. Now that he is gone, the country has been split up into various factions and all hell has broken loose.

* Libya had the highest life expectancy in Africa under Gaddafi

* Libya was the wealthiest African nation with the highest GDP per capita under Gaddafi.

More information about Libya under Gaddafi here Libya Under Gaddafi Facts

The Libyan Slave trade is flourishing because the country has turned into a failed, lawless dump. This is a direct result of the actions that were carried out by Barrack Obama and his “freedom” coalition. Now everybody is distancing themselves from Libya. “it wasn’t me, it was the French”, “it was the British” etc. funny how nobody likes to claim a disaster huh.

The fact that America’s first black President played a role in bringing about the Libyan Slave Trade is the definition of irony. There are celebrities online saying Donald Trump should fix this, well where they when Obama was in power. The false idol worship of Obama is pathetic. I enjoy making fun of Donald Trump like anybody else, but any blame for this should fall on the shoulder of the man alot of you like to treat like a saint. Barrack Hussein Obama and his European colleagues who ruined that country.

this is just the current hot topic

Reality is, this is a 9-day story. Soon social media will be back to worrying about who the Kardashian girls are dating and forget all about these people in Libya. This has been happening for over 6 years and now you care because your favorite rapper reposted it? give me a break!


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