The popular producer Cleon “Mineral Boss” Jones has been shot and killed. He was murdered this morning in front of his home in Caymanas Bay, St. Catherine. In case you don’t know who that is, he was the man who produced Mavado’s smash hit single “Progress”.

His wife seems to already be planning for the future based on her comments to Loop Jamaica. She was quoted as saying “The label will continue to be run by me, his wife, and we will continue to put out positive music, Corey’s vision and memory will live on”. Her comments to Loop hours after his death

Just in case you were wondering who was going to run it? I mean if I got murdered and the same day I’m dead my wife is declaring who is now in charge, I would probably come back as a ghost and ask for a divorce. Do wives not roll in the dirt and bawl anymore? well everyone is different I guess. I can only offer them condolences and guidance in this moment of sadness.


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