Fans of the Mercedes Gelandewagen aka G wagon have been patiently waiting for this release. We already saw pictures of the ‘regular’ G class but we have images of the G63 AMG as well. This is the exciting G class as it comes with AMG’s famous V8 bi-turbo engine.

upgraded engine

The car comes with 585 HP and 850 NM of torque. Top speed is 220 km/h but if you choose the driver’s package that is increased to 240 km/h. Power is divided among the wheels 60:40 with 60% going to the rear wheels and 40% going to the front wheels.

The transmission is a 9-speed automatic that has already proven itself in other cars such as the S63 and the E63 AMG. This transmission will help the G63 AMG improve its fuel economy although its buyers have lots of disposable income, they will always enjoy keeping more money in their pockets.

it looks the same but better

Mercedes has done it! they kept the same boxy G63 AMG look, but they have made it more modern with these new LED light designs. This SUV is a legend and it had to balance between being updated to 2018 standards while keeping the old-school charm that attracts so many people to it.

We still have the three locking differentials in the centre of the dash, just to remind you that this car can not only cruise around Beverley Hills but can go anywhere off road and not get stuck. Customers are already flocking to try and get their names up the list to get their cars early. Some will have to pay a premium to get it early on the second-hand market. We have seen this happen a lot with cars like the Porsche GT3 and Mclaren 720s.

The only question is who wants to get me one for my valentines day/birthday/Easter/Christmas/new years?


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