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Homemade Shotguns In Jamaica Prove Criminals Can Be Productive If They Want

Companies like Glock, Smith&Wesson, Heckler and Koch invest billions to build guns, Jamaican criminals can build them for less than a pair of shoes....
edward seaga dead

Edward Seaga Dead At Age 89

Former Jamaican Prime Minister Edward Seaga Is Dead after passing away today(28/05/2019) at 89 years of age. He...
oney british dead

Oney British Dead Just Days After Roy Fowl Is Buried

Oney British is dead. He was murdered last night in Mountain View as he was on his way home from Champs.

Donald Trump Orders Airstrikes In Syria And Is Currently Bombing Damascus

Donald Trump has kept his word. He has ordered the US military forces to commence bombings of key locations in Syria. The Bombings have already...

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