The 2020 Mercedes GLS will be a very important vehicle for Mercedes Benz. One of the early vehicles was caught driving on the road and it looks very promising.

The new GLS will sit in the full-size SUV segment, where it will do battle with the BMW X7, Audi Q8 and even more expensive cars like the Porsche Cayenne and the Bentley Bentayga.

Mercedes has been a pioneer in this segment

Other vehicles, especially in the Volkswagen group are very late to this segment. Mercedes has been building these huge SUVs and selling them for over $100,000 for over a decade.

They started off with the GL SUV, which would eventually become the GLS. They also had the very expensive Gelandewagen aka G-wagon on sale for supercar money for quite some time now.

Now that the segment is so crowded, Mercedes will have to ensure the GLS is a winner both on the exterior and interior details.

We already expect the interior to look similar to that found on the E, S and latest G wagon.

S class interior

The GLS is the S class of the Mercedes Benz SUV family. The GLE is the E class and GLC is the C class SUVs in the range.

This means that the full-size SUV will have all the luxuries of an S class but with the practicality of an SUV.

Engine choices

There will be a wide choice of engines; a 3.0 L hybrid version is expected as well as a diesel for Europe. North America will likely not get these models as per Mercedes usual policy.

What they will get is this monstrous AMG GLS63. This will be the version that is most talked about and will do battle with any of the more expensive vehicles in the segment like the Lamborghini Urus.

Look forward to seeing the cars on the road in 2020.


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