This story seems to be like some kind of movie. The man that can be seen in the back of the Police van after the shooting at Allied Insurance is Andre Neverson. He is wanted in the United States for allegedly murdering his own sister and pregnant girlfriend. if you look closely in the video below you can see it’s the same man.

He ran away from America and came to Jamaica, someone must have told that him that Jamaica is hospitable to criminals. He was allegedly at the home of Simone Collymore the day she was shot and drove with her to the hospital along with Omar Collymore.

so nobody knew this man was wanted?, even though there are TV programs about him

Andre Neverson once had an argument with his girlfriend and when her family member tried to intervene, he shot the man six times. He was sent to jail for 5 years and guess who was there to visit him every weekend; the same sister that he ended up killing. After being released from prison he was deported back to Trinidad(his birth country), but he wasn’t done yet.

He somehow acquired a Jamaican passport(probably just buy out somebody which is easy to do here) and entered the US through Canada. While in America again he ended up falling out with his sister and killing her over a dispute regarding a house they owned together. His girlfriend was also killed and he fled to Jamaica to escape the cops. How and when he first met Omar Collymore is unclear but as they say “you never see smoke without fire”.

This whole saga is weird, so are we supposed to believe that no one knew Andre Neverson was top 15 most wanted in America? that seems kinda hard to believe. He has been in the country for years, his face is all over the internet and Youtube. Let’s face it, Jamaicans see what they want to see when they want to see it. Here is the America’s most wanted video that features Andre Neverson below. The saga continues……..


Omar Collymore has now been arrested for allegedly murdering his wife for insurance money Click Here For Story

full details of Andre Neverson case here


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