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Yesterday we posted the story about the Teng Fei Cheng, the Chinese businessman that was killed in Browns Town outside his wholesale Story Here.

Today The Observer reported that the Police already has the two main suspects in custody and they will soon be charged. This has to be one of the fastest arrests we have ever seen. Normally it takes months, sometimes years before a suspect is captured for murder in Jamaica.

The Chinese community is like a prize bull

They say you have to protect the goose that lays the golden egg and this is why the Police has to work overtime to solve the murder of this Chinese businessman. Of course, nobody in the system will ever say this publicly but we know how things are. If Teng Fei Cheng name was Joe Brown, the Police jeep would not even leave the station yet.

The local Jamaicans who work with the Chinese are also eager to help solve crimes like this. See, they might keep information secret if its some regular person but they are very quick to pass on information to solve “Mr Chin” murder case. You don’t even need to offer a reward.

the Chinese community deserves to get speedy police work but so do locals

We need this kind of speed for the thousands of unsolved cases that unsolved in Jamaica right now. Anyone who has ever tried working with the force to solve a crime committed against them or a loved one can tell you how slow and cumbersome the process can be. You might hear how much backlog is built up in the system but all that changes when a Chinese businessman gets killed or robbed. Suddenly it’s like CSI Miami and everybody ready to work.

Teng Fei Cheng needs justice, his family needs closure but so does the rest of us regular folks who don’t own wholesales. The message sent to criminals is loud and clear, if you spill Chinese blood you will be investigated swiftly and efficiently. As for the rest of us, just be patient and wait till your case come up…….


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