Police Commissioner George Quallo had his report on the New Years Day traffic pile up on Palisadoes rejected by the Minister of National Security Robert Montaque. He rejected it on the basis that the report did not address the issues he raised such as; what were the conditions of the permit the Sandz promoters were given, what was the Police’s plan for managing the crowd and finally which small fry will be thrown under the bus and given all the blame for the embarrassment it brought down on the nation.

Ok, he didn’t word the last part like that but let’s be real here, nobody “high up” is going to get punished for this. Some small sprat will be put on the frying pan and roasted well crispy. Minister Montaque should be commended this time, this is a good look after his embarrassing “my uncle is an obeah man” speech. Now he sounds like a man who is serious about his job, we can hope it continues and the days of saying stupid things to get a small “forward” from the crowd are over.

more details here Loop Story


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