The residents of Spalding were sent running to dodge bullets after a Police man opened fire on a man who pushed him during a confrontation.

Here is a video showing the moment the man pushed the officer and the shots started firing.

The video does not show the build up to the incident.

It is being reported by local residents that both men are familiar with each other.

It is alleged that the man has taken the Police man to court over a legal dispute and has won the case.

If that is true then we would still need a reason as to why the man attacked the officer.

Based on the video clip, the Officer would be justified to defend himself.

Still, you can clearly see that the first shot that went off was not an aimed shot.

He could have easily killed someone in the crowd that had gathered.

There must be a lot more to this story than this video shows so we will be looking out for a follow up.

At the moment it is not known whether the man is alive or passed away from the injuries he sustained.


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