A member of the Jamaica Constabulary force is in deep trouble after shooting an innocent woman. He tried to shoot a car glass wiper and missed his target.

It is alleged that the policeman and the car glass wiper had a dispute and the officer pulled his firearm and started to chase the young man.

He discharged his weapon, missed his intended target and shot an innocent woman in her stomach.

The incident occurred near the Total gas station, beside the entrance to the Sovereign mall on Barbican road. Everyone who is familiar with the area will know that there are always young men at that location who wipes car windshields.

Reckless endagerment of lives

Based on the witnesses statements, there was no direct threat to the policeman’s life. He allegedly had enough time to park his vehicle at the gas station and proceeded to chase and shoot at the window wiper.

The woman that was shot has been rushed to the hospital but her condition is unknown at the moment.

What is sure is that this policeman is in a world of trouble. Actually, cancel that. He might get off completely scratch free, this is Jamaica after all.

Members of the public who witnessed the incident gave a story that matches that of the windshield wiper. It was not a case of self-defence as the officer was under no threat.

The ego of some members of the force is very fragile

It doesn’t take much to get some officers to act like this. Some of them seem to believe “you can’t gimmi nuh tuff chat”.

We all know the windshield wipers can be annoying sometimes but there is no excuse for this sort of behaviour. The fact that he couldn’t even shoot straight enough to hit his target is enough to make this gross negligence and reckless endangerment.

What if he had shot someone’s child? what is he going to tell this lady? it will be really interesting to see how this one plays out.

Indecom has been called in to investigate the matter.


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