One man was killed and 3 others(including the pregnant woman) injured at a funeral in Montego Bay last Saturday(20/01/2018). The funeral was for a gang leader called Oshane ‘Ganda’ Duhaney who was from the troubled community called Glendevon. Obviously, this is not fresh news but it still needs to be addressed for a number of reasons.

this happened despite the state of emergency

Sections of the city are under heavy military presence due to the state of emergency that is in effect. The alleged lone gunman still casually strolled up and shot four people, killing one and casually went about his business afterwards. Surely a community like Glendevon would also be under the SOE based on its track record. Then how did this happen in broad daylight? are we to believe that not even with so many security personnel deployed we still cannot stop these kind of shootings?

all “area leader” funerals need a strong security presence

It is rather strange that the funeral of this man who is alleged to be a “don” was allowed to take place with no presence from the JCF. There has been numerous examples of these kind of funeral shootings occurring so it is fair to expect some kind of pro-active planning on how to deal with them. It is not too much to ask is it?

What makes it even worse is that the shooter felt so comfortable to carry this out in the parish that is swarmed with the military, so imagine what he would have done in St Andrew or Hanover? This just tells me that these criminals either don’t respect the security forces or they are so well connected that they are confident to “buss the case” even if they are caught. Whichever one it is, they will not change their thought process until they are forced to. Things will have to escalate to get the message across that the nation is tired of this crime plague, it’s up to the state to deliver that message first class and signed for.


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