This is the Simone Collymore shooting video and it shows the moment both her and Winston Walters lost their lives tragically. The case that has more twists and turns that furn gully just took another one. The location of the shooting is the entrance to the Forest Ridge apartment complex and is well known to anyone who went to view those apartments when they were offering open house visits to see them.

The video shows the men following the vehicle they were travelling in, shooting the driver first and then killing Simone after. The car slams through the entrance and the men follow them inside to continue shooting them. If you go back to my first post where we broke this story, you will see the video matches exactly what was reported at first breaking Story Here. We don’t report hearsay over here, only facts.

The only reason the video is going up is because at no time can you see Simone Collymore or Winston Walters(the taxi man). The video even made its way to CVM news but they failed to notice it was the Simone Collymore case. Anyone can visit Forest Ridge and see that it is the same place as recorded in this video. Although I would not recommend straying up there now as residents are on guard and you might buck up inna something you don’t want to.



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