There has been a recent release warning people who bleach their skin that they increase their risk of brain damage and kidney failure. The purpose of the warning was likely to scare people to cut back on the practice but rest assured, this is a waste of time.

The people who bleach their skin will not stop because of some warning about their health. These are people with low self-esteem stemming from having a darker complexion. They do not care about health, their priority is getting a lighter complexion by any means necessary.

brain done damage already

Any person who thinks their abundance of melanin is so much of a burden that they will apply all sorts of toxic chemicals to remove it is already brain damaged. What’s the worst that can happen from the bleaching? it has gone bad already. Low self-esteem worse than bad luck and pushes people to do illogical and irrational things.

77% of Nigerian women bleach their skin

We all know there is the “black and ugly” mentality, not just in Jamaica but also around the world. Even African countries have this bleaching epidemic. Countries like Ghana and Nigeria that are meant to be the roots for those of us that live outside the great continent have their fair share of notorious self-haters. Over 3/4 of Nigerian woman use skin bleaching products, 59% of them in Togo women also bleach their skin. This is not just a Jamaica issue, it is a black issue.

Now you can say this is a by-product of colonialism and western media influences. That could be a solid argument and likely holds some merit. Still doesn’t change the fact that any person who uses chemicals to lighten their skin is a low self-esteem self-hater. That’s like telling me why you stole my car, either way, you’re still a thief.

you can’t threaten a deaf man to turn off the music

The mental and psychological issues that a skin bleacher goes through is far more damaging than any brain damage or kidney failure. Not only do they hate their own skin but they hate other dark skin people. Ask any darker skinned person who call them “black and ugly” the most in their lives, it’s another dark skin person. They also pass down their hate to the their children. As soon as the child’s melanin starts to become prominent they start attacking them; “you black like your puppa”, “come out the sun before you get even blacker and uglier”. Many reading this can relate to these words.

Skin bleachers don’t fear kidney failure or brain damaged because they see their biggest illness in the mirror every day. Melanin, that is the “illness” they fear the most. Kidney? nobody notices that until it starts to bad. Brain damage? that’s been damaged long before they walked into Mr Chin store downtown and order the “rubbings”.

If you’re a bleacher then your probably have some made up reason to make yourself feel better. Trust me, there is only one reason why you bleach; LOW SELF ESTEEM. Have you ever seen somebody get a Benz and change the badge to a Lada? ever seen somebody buy an Iphone and then change the logo to one of those cheap “banger” brands? no way that would happen. That is because they value and cherish their Benz and Apple logo. Your skin is like your logo, clearly you do not value it. Peace out.

Observer Story Warning Bleachers

Evidence here about African skin bleaching


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