Cut out the nonsense, you don’t care about crime unless it turns up on your doorstep. There is no shortage of so-called law-abiding Jamaicans who will proudly tell you about their “killy killy” links that they can call upon if somebody “disses” them. Alot of you have family members that have made mothers, wives and children ban their bellies and bawl! now you want to jump up about crime because it is now in your sweet little neighbourhood. GTFOH.

All these gunmen in Jamaica, where they come from? Mars, Jupiter or is it Neptune? based on how people act you would swear they are not from here. They have friends, family and lovers who know exactly what they get up to. Those people take God off the cross to protect them, even go as far as justifying their savagery. Then one day, they see their brother or friend laying on the floor dead. They see their child stabbed to death over a phone and all of a sudden they have a problem with crime.

too late shall be the cry

They start to tell you whose fault why crime so bad here, they blame even the dog walking on the road but can’t see themselves. When your badman links were killing people why you never bawl then? remember how as soon as you and someone disagree you couldn’t wait to tell them about your badman friends that you can call? well, call them now. Call them to pick up your dead relatives off the ground and carry them to the morgue. While you’re at it, call them to wipe up the blood and cordon off the roads too. Save the taxpayer some money.

All you women who claim you “love badman”, make sure you say the same thing when another one harms you. Don’t come back running and crying about stop violence against women, you stood by idly while your badman lover kills and rape other women. You made your bed Jamaica, now you must lay in it.


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