state of emergency
state of emergency

It was bound to happen eventually. Police cannot handle traffic, how can they handle gunman? that is not to disrespect the members of the JCF but their hands are tied and this needs bigger heads to deal with it. This does not include the entire Montego bay, the affected areas are King Street, Cottage Road, Rose Heights, Cambridge, Norwood and the Trelawny–St James border. In other words, the places that are causing the most trouble.

This does not mean that the Police no longer has a role in Montego Bay during this state of emergency. It just means the Army has a greater role to play now as they are not “supposed” to be out on the streets with such a strong presence. The state of emergency changes this and makes it easier for them to play a role in the crime-fighting tasks they now have to take on.

zoso seems to be just a warm-up

Clearly, ZOSO was not effective enough which is no surprise. Who warns their enemies they are going to attack months in advance? They did try though so they should get some credit. It’s no secret that the government and opposition get criticised often on this site but we also split justice. At least the people can see that something is being done to battle this crime monster, whether it is successful or not is a matter of time.

protect the rights of the innocent Montegonians please squaddie

It goes without saying, the rights and dignity of law-abiding Jamaicans must be preserved during this operation. let us not repeat the mistakes of the past and go in stomping on everybody’s toes. The people are needed to fight crime effectively so alienating them is not a good idea. I really do not like to see military personnel on civilian streets but these are extreme times and they call for extreme measures. This is not a rebel unit fighting for freedom of the nation, they are criminals and murderers that are destroying the very core of our society. Good luck men and women of the JDF!

more details here The Observer


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