Nothing makes the liberal media angrier than a woman that does not have a victim complex. If a woman wants a pseudo-pious, self-righteous liberal to despise her, all she has to do is hop off their pity train. The thought of a woman standing up on her own feet and going toe to toe with anyone, without asking for the pity army to help her makes a liberal blood boil.

how dare you not feel sorry for yourself

In order to understand the liberal media mindset, you must first understand what motivates them. The myth they try to spread is that they are driven by a need to see equality and justice delivered to all. They also claim to support the powerless, unlike those evil, heartless folks on the right.

They have a number of people they assume want their ‘help’, a few of them include minorities(especially black people) and women. Those who accept this ‘help’ and is grateful for the alleged “hand up” are immediately thrust to the front of every liberal media front page. The benefits are vast to be fair, that is if you think to appear on the Ellen show and get positive articles written about you in the Guardian newspaper to be a benefit. Some people do enjoy spilling their guts on national television and getting those long claps on daytime talk shows.

liberals treat women and minorities like children

This time let’s focus on one of their favourites to ‘help’; women. Liberals swear they believe in equality for women, but their track record proves otherwise. Liberals, both men and women hate a woman who wants to stand on her own two feet. Their blood boils over the thought of a woman who just wants to go toe to toe with anyone for any role, without their political and social support.

Liberals treat women like children. They automatically assume that they are weak and need some sort of support and guidance. Take a look around and notice the women who are loved by the left and look at the ones who are not. In America and Britain, well the west in general, left-wing parties are seen as the “good” parties that love the poor, sick and needy. They run entire election campaigns promising all kinds of “free” services, in exchange for votes, especially minority and women votes.

Prominent women in these countries are faced with a simple choice. Run with the left and be seen as the “good guys” or distance yourself from them and get made out to be an evil witch. Let’s look at a few examples shall we;

Margaret Thatcher

The Iron Lady herself. One of the most hated women in history according to the liberal media. This is strange as she demolished the British Labour Party and anyone from there that stood in her way, including from her own party for 11 years. This was the definition of a real strong woman. Surely the left would love her right? nope, she didn’t cry for sympathy and help enough women to get to the top apparently.
Margaret Thatcher’s profile

Condoleeza Rice

This should have been a liberal’s idea of heaven. Not only a woman but a black woman! She seemed heaven sent for the left, but she made one big error. She chose to be a Republican. For this sin, she was cast into the abyss and became the butt of their jokes. How dare her! Doesn’t she know that all African Americans should walk, talk and think the same way? If she had been a liberal, they would have put her on a pedestal so high that even Mount Rushmore would look like a speed bump.
Condoleeza Rice profile

Theresa May

Another Conservative party Prime Minister. This is weird as the Labour Party is meant to be the equal opportunities party that loves women, yet they have never had a female leader. The evil, sexist Tory party has somehow ended up with two of them. Theresa May is similar to Thatcher in that she is strong-willed and doesn’t allow herself to be pushed around. She also doesn’t look for any sort of sympathy as she knows being a woman is not a disability as some would have you believe.
Therea May’s Profile

Those are just a few examples, but I am sure you could find alot more if you just pay attention to how the media reports of women who are associated with the political right.

If the liberal media really thought women were equal to men, they would not shelter them so much. You do not shelter someone you think is strong, you do not shelter someone you think is equal and capable, you shelter someone you think is weak and incapable of looking after themselves.

This is why we shelter children, the disabled and senior citizens. The problem is, what happens when the people you try to shelter reject your help? imagine seeing someone in a wheelchair, you automatically think they want your help and offer it. If that person shuns your help, you should be happy and proud of them. Not react like, how dare this cripple not take my “hand up”. If this is your reaction, then your motives for offering the help in the first place was completely wrong and instead of being born out of good will, was actually nothing more than a cleverly disguised method of fake humanitarianism.


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