Remember when Ninja Man fainted in court and it was reported he had a heart attack? that wasn’t true. He fainted because the witness that turned up to court was supposed to be dead. He was under the belief that the star witness was dead and that is why he was on social media acting like his bread was buttered on both sides. He was certain the case would be thrown out as there were no remaining witnesses.

When the Gargon saw the witness come through the door that day, he finally realizes which God him serve. Next thing you know, big badman pass out and end up at the hospital. Ninja Man really is a legend, everything he does is entertaining. There will never be another Gargon!


  1. It was a choice that african in africa sold their own people for cheap wine. There’s bottle debris on african beaches will tell a story. Kanye is very smart and does a lot of reading. The honorable late Prime minister of Trinidadand Tobago Dr. Eric Williams wrote in his thesis ” as much as there were white slave masters wherever slaves were the Black men were also lining their pockets.So kanye is not wrong for saying what he said, for african americans to stop waiting for their 40 acres and a mule, educate yourself on different ideas, its so easy now to gain knowledge. He is not the only man to speak and misunderstood,its time to stop saying that black people waited 200-400yrs. Wake up and start with day one of steps to take so our kids will grow up without vengence for white people


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