Uriel James aka Rooksie is dead. He was killed yesterday evening in the Constant Spring area. He was found in the back of a car trunk with multiple gunshot wounds.

Rooksie survived an attack close to the Spartan Gym a couple months ago. In that attack, he was saved by some alert members from the King Alarm security company. Story Here

This time he was not as lucky and his enemies have finally got what they wanted. Uriel James o/c Rooksie was the alleged leader of the Rose Town Disciple gang and has been in numerous run-ins with the law.

disciples are so unreliable

The story of Jesus already proves that disciples are unreliable and will let you down. Where were Rooksie’s disciples? how can this don be attacked twice in the space of a couple months and no disciples were around to help him either time?

Disciples always abandon you just when you need them. If somebody makes one attempt on your life, it is safe to say you would step up security to prevent further attacks. Whatever precautions he was taking, clearly wasn’t good enough.

his killers must have been Aaliyah fans

The late singer Aaliyah said, “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”. That is exactly what has happened here. Rooksie has now joined the list of dead “dons” in Jamaica. I am sure some dancehall artiste soon do a song bigging him up as they are well known for this.

The way the country is running right now, not many people outside if his circle will be shedding tears for him. The gangster life is very unforgiving and usually ends in prison or an early grave. Let’s hope there are no retaliations for this killing as that would be the last thing we need in Jamaica right now.

Although something tells me, based on how easy it was for his enemies to get to him, this “don” was not exactly Pablo Escobar in the food chain.

Video of the first attempt on his life below


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