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Uriel James aka ‘Rooksie’ was shot this morning outside the famous Spartan Gym. He was pounced upon by two gunmen disguised as construction workers and shot several times. James is alleged to be the don for the Disciples Gang in Rose Town and has been in several run-ins with the legal system.

While the men were shooting at James, a couple of King Alarm personnel were close by and challenged the men. The men were disarmed and handed over to the Police as well as two firearms. You may be asking but how they just allow King Alarm to disarm them like that? well, most gunmen are useless against trained personnel, facts. they can turn up somewhere and fire 1000 shots but if somebody who knows what they are doing challenges them its game over.

Here is a video of the King Alarm men disarming the two shooters.

the target of the attack survived

This shooting took place in the “Golden Triangle”, a place that is supposed to be safe but we all know that is a myth. No such thing as a safe area in Jamaica. Uriel James survived the attack and even drove himself to the hospital. Like most gunmen, these two cannot shoot accurately. They fired a barrage of shots and did not kill a mosquito, then on top of that, they got disarmed by King Alarm. Anybody who sent them on this hit should demand a refund because these guys are amateurs.

The former Police Commissioner tried hard to keep Rooksie behind bars but he was released on bail and case eventually dismissed. The story of those alleged crimes are here Gleaner Story Here



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