As predicted in our article yesterday Read Article Here the Democrats have taken a loss in the government shutdown. They claim that they are happy that Trump and his team agree to a debate on the issue at a later date and this is some kind of victory.

That is like Usain Bolt beating Justin Gatlin in a race and Gatlin says “I am the real winner because he agreed to debate who won the race later”. Nonsense. The shutdown was ended as the Senate voted 82-18 and the House of Representatives voted 266-150, thus approving the spending bill that was at the centre of the dispute.

donald trump continues to bully the democrats

Politics is about perception and image. The Republicans quickly switched the blame for the government shutdown to the Democrats and accused them not wanting to fund the troops. This move was very tactical as the American people get very nervous when they hear things like that. Now Donald Trump is saying the Democrats “caved” and basically surrendered. This may not be the full truth but does it matter? not in politics. The Democrats are now seen as the guys who picked a fight and get the butts kicked.

This will make them look weak and indecisive to the American public. Why did they bother with the shutdown if they were just going to fold at the first sign of pressure? now this will be milked by Trump and his party officials. In politics being wrong is not a problem for the voters, it’s being seen as weak that kills you. A lot of popular leaders were wrong on so many things but they still won elections. It is the leaders who do not have conviction in their beliefs that end up in the political graveyard. So far my prediction is the same, the Democrats will lose the 2020 election unless they can find someone who can match the confidence and strategy of Donald Trump.


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