Big money poppin anywhere she go! A lady from Bottom Pen, Montego bay was found with Ja$1.4 million and US $8,400 in her house. The money was hidden between the pages of several books. That is kind of funny, in Jamaica people buy books not to read them but cut them out and hide money inside hehe

The lady was asked where she got the money from and she could not provide a decent answer, so the money was confiscated and she was taken to the Freeport Police Station to link up with the rest of the Mobay massive that is currently piled up down there.

who keeps millions on them without even a good story to explain where it’s from

How can you have that much money in a city that is known for scamming and not have something tangible to cover your tracks? of course, I am not saying this lady got the money from scamming but she knows the stigma that is attached to Mobay so if she is innocent and got the money through legal means just declare it and go home! If she was arrested and the money taken away it must have been because things were not adding up for the lawmen who entered the house.

If you can show a pay statement or invoice then the Police cannot lock you up for having your money in your house. This operation seems to have taken place because of a tip off because how often you hear books getting searched? or maybe the books triggered off the Police because they heard Jamaicans don’t like to read haha just kidding…..kinda.


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