Three innocent babies died in a house fire in Cockburn Pen yesterday. Dead are one-year-old twins Juvanni and Jivanni Bennett and their two-year-old Auntie Crisana Maxwell. Yes, you read that correct, the two-year-old was the Aunt of the twin one-year-olds that died in this fire. Not only that, the dead two years old was also a twin but her twin sister survived the blaze.

As you can see this is a tricky and tragic situation. The children were placed in the care of their 18-year-old sibling, who did not have any electricity in her room. It is alleged that she normally uses a candle in her room at nights and this is naturally the most likely cause of the fire. It should be noted that this cause of the fire is not official as the Fire Brigade is investigating but what is a fact is that the child’s room is normally lit by candles.

pickney a raise pickney

So this home in Cockburn Pen was packed full of children, who were left in the care of slightly older children and no adults around. This is the kind of thing that is oh so common in Jamaica, pickney a watch pickney. The first responder was 21 years old D’Money Johnson who was able to save two of the children. Imagine if there were a few others around, maybe these babies could be saved. Notice the ages of the people in charge? 18 and 21-year-olds.

nobody will accept the role they played in this tragedy as usual

The worse part is you cannot speak on this publicly because people start to bawl “you a fight poor people”. We are supposed to just shut up, mine our business and stand idly by while carelessness continues to kill off our nation’s children. Yes, it was an accident but the chain of events that lead up to the fire was preventable. look out for the politicians and celebrities to start showing up and pouring out their heart. We are a reactive people, somebody has to die before we address any serious issue. I mean, who could have known leaving babies with a teenager in a room that uses candles could be tragic **HEAVY SARCASM**

Anyway, let me rest my case………

A video of the place after the fire can be found on The Observer


  1. While the circumstances surrounding this case seems to be controversial …this tragic accident may very well have taken place through complacency or ignorance. But you are still writing about real people ….real lives and you have done so insensitively…Report the facts leave your opinion out of it …there will be enough of those who make up their minds for good or bad. They have lost babies for goodness sayke …their very heartbeat and they are in great mourning now….May god Bless them and help heal them …as you can imagine they are devastated but those of them who can are holding their faith….May be better to pray with them then sling stones.

    • This is what I do, write my opinion and feelings on current events. Your point doesn’t hold up, not even in the legal system. negligent parents are/should be sent to jail, a driver who is drunk/speeding and kills a pedestrian is punished in the courts, even though they did not plan to kill someone.

      A parent who leaves their child in a car and the child suffocates is charged for that child’s death, nobody says “pray for them, don’t sling stones”. These children died as a result of carelessness and negligence that has gone on for too long.I am not praying for any of them, you can pray for them though. Make sure you stay on your knees because it will happen again and again and again.

      While you’re down their on your knees, pray that crime ends, corruption ends, roads get fixed etc. Some of us would rather tackle issues head on, after all faith without works is dead…….

  2. What was my point …did I say there was no negligence? ….. Is it wrong to pray for those that suffer even through they may have made grave mistakes ….and does that mean safeguarding issues will not be implemented in the future?….Are YOU aware of the full facts of the case? If writing your opinion is what you do I suppose I must leave you to it ….away from asking what is the purpose of your report….to scandalise, sensationalise, or to bring clarity and objectivity. Also I merely stated above that you were writing about real people, real lives you may know very little about…and the impact of your writing may do further harm than good …unless of course that is your intention …It is therefore prudent in such grave circumstances to report the truth analytically if you must of course, but it should be based wholly on facts and not on part fiction or any kind of fabrication of true events, intentional or otherwise. Reported wisely you could actually make a difference in somebodies life….GB …still praying but by God’s grace also encouraging others in as many ways as I can …especially when it comes to the care of our differently abled or other vulnerable young persons.


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