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Kirk Fraser, one of the three surviving members of the team that killed alleged area leader Junior Biggs in Spanish Town has given the Jamaica Gleaner an exclusive interview.

The journalists who interviewed him did not grill him as hard as he should have but we won’t hold that against him.

It was great work to get the interview in the first place and the Kirk Fraser was clearly under great stress and is likely armed and dangerous. Not a good combination.

If we had interviewed him, these are the questions we would have asked;

  1. Who sent you on that mission? it clearly was not personal so who gave the orders to carry out the killing.
  2. What do you mean you are not a bad cop? you are already suspended from the force and is currently under investigation for murder.
  3. How can you not be rogue? you were using government weapons and vehicles to carry out the murder while being suspended from the force.
  4. Do you think the men who shot up your car were sent to kill you after you carried out your act? in other words, the person who sent you wanted to get rid of you as well.
  5. Do you think it was a coincidence the Policeman in the car chasing you were so motivated to kill the people in your car?
  6. Why would they kill the innocent man in the car you crashed into if they were honest good cops who were just trying to arrest some escaping criminals.
  7. How many people were in the car that was chasing you, what weapons did they have to outgun all three of you.

The Jamaican people need to pay more focus on that chasing car. It was way too motivated to kill Kirk Fraser and the other two officers in his car.

They went as far as to kill an innocent person. That car came under extreme gunfire and did not stop until it caught the car they were chasing.

They then went on to kill an innocent person thinking it was Kirk Fraser.

The random passerby good cop story is suspicious. That cop was on a mission to kill as well.

If you listen closely, you will hear Fraser say “they were firing”.

There was likely more than one person in that chasing Honda car.

If you think one Policeman with a 9mm got into a shootout with 3 armed mobile reserve officers and not only had enough ammo to fight it out so long but then get out and kill an innocent person as well, you are gullible.

The chasing cops had weapons that were even more powerful than Kirk Fraser and his crew were carrying.

The story doesn’t add up.


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